What to wear this spring!

Dallas Family Photographer

What to wear!  The age old question.  This post here is very specific to April and May only!  Let’s start with what NOT to wear.  Ready?

Dallas Family Photographer

The NO list:

Solid whites – Why?  If your session happens to be one of the earlier session you will GLOW!   It won’t be pretty, trust me.  Plus in certain weather conditions the camera can see right through that cute white cotton shirt!  I’m not that kind of photographer~!

Solid greens – Why?  In many locations, like the arboretum and the wildflower fields you will blend right into the background and looking like a floating head!

Solid Blacks – Why?  You will create a void.  And unless the rest of your family is wearing back you will stand out.  And if the rest of your family is wearing black they will look like floating heads and hands next to you!  Plus it’s spring!!  It’s all about color!

Carters clothing – Why?  Their colors wreck havoc on fancy cameras!  Period.

Church clothes – Why?  My sessions are laid back and fun.  You will need to get down on your little ones level to interact with them.  You will be sitting on the ground, kneeling squatting, rolling, and maybe crawling if you have a live wire!  Be comfortable.  We are going to have fun and not do a lot of stiff posing.

Large ribbon bows – They will create horrible shadows across your beloved baby’s face!  We need to see those happy eyes!!  If you really really must, bring one, but other wise check with me.  I have hundreds of fabulous head pieces made for photography.  I can match just about anything!


The YES list:

This one should be obvious, but it’s happened to many times not to include it.  Clothes that fit!  Many people wait until they get to the session to try on the clothes and they no longer or never did fit.  Please try on the clothes BEFORE the day of your session!

For bluebonnets I suggest bright BOLD colors.  For wildflowers I suggest softer pastels for at least one of your outfits!

Patterns vs Solids – I’ve seen both done wonderfully, so this is up to you!
Dallas Multiples Triplet Photographer

Dallas Multiples Triplet Photographer

Dallas Child Photographer

Colors!  –  Because it’s spring and you can!  But remember, no neon colors and don’t get too wild.


You really can’t go wrong with suspenders, hat and a bow tie one a little man!  Ever.
Dallas Family Photographer

Dallas Family Photographer

For bluebonnets: Yellow, splashes of yellow, hints of yellow, yellow accessories are always fabulous!

For a softer touch a nice pastel or cream, soft cotton only, is beautiful.


You will have time for about 3 clothes changes during your session.  That doesn’t mean you have to change clothes 3 times, it just means you will have time to.    Go for different looks.  Something sweet, something sassy, something classy!


IMPORTANT – SHOES.  Parents if you are not getting your picture taken please wear tennis shoes and dress comfortably!  Work out clothes are grrrreat!  You will get your cardio in during this session!   Do not wear any kind of flip flops or sandals.  There are ant piles and  burrs in some of these fields.  While we do an excellent job of keeping baby burr and critter free, if you aren’t watching out for yourself  (and chances are you won’t because you will be watching baby) you might just step in one of these ant piles.  It’s happened!  If you have shoes you are dying to wear just come in something safer and change into them when it’s your turn to be in pictures.

Same for babies that are able to stand.  Hard soled shoes with closed toes.  The flowers are high and we will not be able to see the shoes.  When they are sitting on props we will most likely be taking shoes off… because lets face it.  The bottom of your baby’s foot is MUCH cuter than the bottom of those shoes!


 Family pictures.  Don’t match, but coordinate.  Pick colors from the same color group and run with that!  Another great idea is to pick one color and pull it through with everyone.  Just a touch   I love how the family below was able to do that.  I tell people for family outfits, throw them all in a pile on your bed (or at the store).  If one stands out more than the others put it back and find something else.  We don’t want one person drawing attention away from the family as a unit.

Dallas Family Photographer
Dallas Family Photographer


Places locally to shop

I love Frisco Mercantile!  It’s a huge places with 100s of booths and many of them sell different styles of children’s clothing.  Go!  Now!! http://www.friscomercantile.com/index.html

I always show up to spring sessions with a  full wardrobe in tow!  I do tend to look at the sizes of the children coming that day and bring things that fit them.  You are welcome to these boutique outfits or you can just wear your own!



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