What not to wear at your family photography session. It’s not what you think!

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A perfect example of what you should wear!
A perfect example of what you should wear!

When it comes to capturing timeless images, what you wear plays a significant role in the overall aesthetic and mood of the photographs. In this particular post, we’ll be focusing on the “what not to wear” aspect, shedding light on common pitfalls to avoid during your photography session. By steering clear of certain clothing choices, we can ensure that your photos exude elegance, harmony, and a sense of personal style. So, get ready to uncover the fashion faux pas and discover valuable tips on how to curate the perfect wardrobe for your upcoming photography session. Let’s dive in and explore the power of dressing right to create stunning visuals that truly reflect your unique essence.

What not to wear: busy patterns

While patterns can be eye-catching and fun, incorporating too many of them in your family’s outfits can create visual chaos and distract from the main focus—your family. Opt for a more cohesive and coordinated look by choosing one or two subtle patterns and complementing them with solid colors that harmonize well together. Many of our favorite locations to photograph family sessions at can have busy backgrounds, you don’t want your family to compete!

Stay away from solid black and white

Although black and white clothing items may seem like safe choices, they can pose challenges during the editing process. Solid black can easily lose detail and appear as a dark, featureless silhouette, while solid white can become overexposed, losing the intricate details of your outfits. not to mention in certain lighting scenarios you can see through white fabrics. Instead, consider incorporating shades of gray, soft pastels, or earthy tones that add depth and visual interest to your images.

Stay away from short skirts

When planning your family photography session, it’s important to consider comfort and practicality, especially if you have young children. Opting for longer skirts or pants will allow you to move freely and interact comfortably with your little ones without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions or restrictions. This will enable you to fully engage with your family, capturing genuine and joyful moments that reflect your bond.

As we reach the end of this blog post on what not to wear during your photography session, I hope you have gained valuable insights on how to curate the perfect outfits for your family portraits. Remember, clothing choices can greatly influence the overall aesthetic and impact of your photographs, and by avoiding certain pitfalls, you can ensure that your images truly reflect the love and connection within your family. As a passionate family photographer, I understand the importance of capturing these precious moments authentically and beautifully. I invite you to explore my portfolio, where you will find a collection of heartfelt and timeless family portraits. Together, let’s create stunning visual memories that will be treasured for generations to come.

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