Tulip Session with Dallas Family Photographer 

Dallas Fort Wroth tulip photo session

Beautiful Tulip Session in Dallas Fort Worth

Dallas Fort Wroth tulip photo session
Dallas tulip sessions

My favorite time of year is almost here!  Flower season!  I feel like I spend March through June chasing some sort of flower and guess what, I’m totally here for it.  We start the season off in late March with tulips!  The tulips are especially close to my heart because they are so unique!  For people who appreciate the natural world and want to capture its beauty in their photography, a tulip photography session can be a great way to do so.

Tulip session details

A tulip photography session is a photo shoot that is specifically focused on capturing your child and family in the beauty of tulips.  I’m inspired by the vibrant colors and unique shapes of the tulips and love making these sessions whimsical and creative.  The sessions begin right as the sun is setting for that beautiful golden look.  Right after the sun sets we have just a few minutes of glowing romantic light and are able to capture a moodier warm photo.

Dallas Tulip Photography Session
Dallas Tulip sessions

When it comes to tulips timing is everything.  Since we do not know exactly when the tulips will bloom it can get a little tricky.  Starting in Mid-March I visit the fields every few days to see if they are ready to photograph.  When the fields have bloomed, we will shoot your session on a weekday Mon – Thursday when the tulips is not overrun with people.  These sessions will begin around 7:15 PM at Texas Tulips in Pilots Point, Texas.

What to Wear for your tulip session

Dallas Tulip Photography Session
Dallas tulip photography session

I will be providing beautiful dresses and gowns for little girls’ size 3 -10.  The week before your session I will show you a few dresses I have in mind for your little ones and you can pick the ones you would like for me to bring.  In regard to family photos, I always remind people to dress for the location.  Moms will look beautiful in a long flowing sun dress and dads in casual pants and shirts. We will go over this in more detail, as well as my comprehensive preparation guide once your sessions is booked.

Are these mini sessions?

Dallas Tulip Family Photographe
Dallas Tulip sessions

No, these are not mini sessions.  My style of photography is fun and full of movement and story.  While we will take at least 1 “look at the camera and smile” type photos that is not my goal with your session.  My work is with mostly young children and many times they need time to warm up to a new location.  I like to take my time and not rush through a session. I wish your time with me to be an event and an experience.

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