Take a peek into this fun indoor family photography session with an active 3 year old!

Father and son play with vintage tricycle
Father and son play with vintage tricycle

Let’s face it, the Texas heat is no joke! During the summer I will always suggest taking family photography sessions indoors unless we are shooting first thing in the morning or in the creek. One of my favorite indoor locations is the Lumen Room in Plano! It’s air conditioned and produces some really beautiful photos!

When this mom contact me she mentioned that her son never smiles for photos. Well, you know I love a good challenge (not to mention 3 year old boys are my favorite to photograph)! And I think I won! Little guy was the sweetest and he was all smiles! Because of his age I was sure to bring along a few props like this tricycle that will trap them in one place long enough to get a few photos. Pro tip: break a wheel so they can’t ride off on you!

Parents hold 3 year old son in white room at family photo shoot
Mother holds son on chair
Father and son on vintage ladder at family photoshoot
Ladders are another great option when it comes to keeping the little ones still enough for photos! Keep a family member near so they are safe but they have so much fun climbing!
Parents smile with son on brown leather couch
4 year old boy smiles at family photo shoot
Mother and on smiling on modern white ladder
Boy smiles white sitting on concrete table
parent splay with 4 year old son while sitting on couch
Parents swing young son into the air at family photoshoot

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