About Stephanie Sifuentes

So I really hate talking about myself, but here goes!

I’m an artist, daughter, mother, wife and lover of all things beautiful!  My urge to create things began in day care at the age of 7 when I’d gather all the girls at day care around me and create dances to Madonna songs that we would then perform for all the other classes in our school.  While I loved to perform more than anything, I got the greatest satisfaction from actually creating the dance… and that has never stopped!

Born and raised a Texas girl I attended the University of Texas in Austin where I studied Performing Arts.  I entered the world of advertising in 2001, branding and creating websites for some of the largest and most popular companies in the world.  Then my life took a different turn – a brown haired, brown eyed, raspberry blowing, poopy diaper turn named Dahlia.  The love of my life!

I got my camera on the Valentines’ Day before she arrived and never looked back!   My style is constantly evolving, for I get the most joy in choreographing scenes of whimsy and vivid color.  Give me an idea and I’ll run with it!