How to prepare for your beautiful spring photo session! Part 1!

toddler laughs in wildflwoers
toddler laughs in wildflwoers

Spring is peeking around the corner, and you know what that means – it’s time to plan your spring photo session!  I couldn’t be more thrilled to dive into the vibrant sea of bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, and everything in between with you all. But before we spin our dresses and and snuggle our babies in the fields, let’s talk about how to prep for your upcoming Dallas area spring photoshoot. From outfit coordination to wrangling those little ones (and maybe even the fur babies), I’ve got you covered. So, grab a cup of sweet tea, kick back, and let’s ensure your family photoshoot is a breeze – because capturing those cherished moments should be as joyful as dancing through a field of wildflowers!

What to wear at your Spring photo session

baby girls sits on chair in wildflwoers

Instead of saying what TO wear I find it easier to say what NOT to wear!

Solid whites – Why?  If your session happens to be one of the earlier session you will GLOW!   It won’t be pretty, trust me.  Plus in certain weather conditions the camera can see right through that cute white cotton shirt!  I’m not that kind of photographer~!

Solid greens – Why?  In many locations, like the arboretum and the wildflower fields you will blend right into the background and looking like a floating head!

Solid Blacks – Why?  You will create a void.  And unless the rest of your family is wearing back you will stand out.  And if the rest of your family is wearing black they will look like floating heads and hands next to you!  Plus it’s spring!!  It’s all about color!

Sunday Best – Why?  My sessions are laid back and fun.  You will need to get down on your little ones level to interact with them.  You will be sitting on the ground, kneeling squatting, rolling, and maybe crawling if you have a live wire!  Be comfortable.  We are going to have fun and not do a lot of stiff posing.  If you would like to wear a dress then a fun flowing sun dress is most appropriate! I love getting these from Baltic Born!

***One last thing to say about clothes and babies, TRY THEM ON THE BABY!  This one should be obvious, but it’s happened to many times not to include it.  Clothes that fit!  Many people wait until they get to the session to try on the clothes and they no longer or never did fit.  Please try on the clothes BEFORE the day of your session!

Spring in Texas is extraordinarily windy!  Hats won’t last long at all. To control minor fly aways give your hair a nice once over with some hair spray, even if it’s straight.  This will help keep the pesky flyways to a minimum.  Bring hair clips for girls in case we need to clip their hair back away from their face. 

young girl in wildflwoers


Parents please bring comfortable shoes you can move in for the parts of the photoshoot you are not in.  Tennis shoes are the safest.  There are burrs, ants, and sticks that could cut you if you re in sandals or flip flops.  Be comfortable for chasing toddlers around a filed!  Even when you are in the phtos there’s a really good chance you feet will not even show!  Be safe and comfortable!  For Children always close toed shoes. 

Mother and son in Dallas wildflowers

What else can you bring?

  • Comfy shoes for mom if you plan on wearing heels during the family photos.
  • Brush, hair spray and hair clips.
  • Makeup for fleshing up as needed.
  • Water if it’s hot.
  • Button up sweaters or sweatshirts if It’s a cold day.
  • A blanket to change or sit on when needed. You will want a home base to change clothes/diapers/shoes.

Things to bring but leave in the car

  • It’s best to leave snacks hidden in the car. Once you bring out the snacks it will be very hard to get away from toddlers and preschool aged kids.  You will have them holding a bag of crackers in all your photos, which is probably not what you intended.  Moms please be sure to tell dad this as well, I can’t tell you how many times dad strolls up late with a. bag of chips for the kids and there’s no going back.  Leave them in the car because many know to go to the bag to look for these things.  We will get them from the car as a last resort
  • Favorite toys/items.  Once again your will have difficulty getting them away from smaller children.  Bring them, because to some children they really are helpful, we can use them as a last resort!
toddler in dallas wildflwoers

Stay tuned for Part Two, where we’ll delve into the essential steps for preparing your little ones mentally for their moment in front of the camera. In the meantime, feel free to explore my portfolio to catch a glimpse of the magic I strive to capture, and don’t hesitate to book your session today ! Let’s create memories together that will last a lifetime.

Brothers on tricycle in Texas wildflwoers

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