It’s fall!  I’d love to say the leaves are beautiful orange and reds, but hey, this is Texas!   My biggest word of advice is dress for the location.  If you are outside, dress as you would if you were going to play outside.  In other words, would you normally go hang out in a creek wearing high heels and a short dress? My session are fun and playful so I suggest dressing comfortably and colorful!


Bring up to 5 outfits for the kids and we will pick them together  based on the props we are using.  We typically make it through 3 outfits, but that all depends on cooperation!  For the kids I suggest one outfit for family pictures, 1 holiday themed outfit and a fall outfit.

Frisco Family Photographer

Frisco Family Photographer


So lets start with the NO’s. It’s pretty short this time of year!



Solid Black – You will look like a black hole among beautiful color!  Plus, you loose all detail!  Black pants are fine but stray away from solid black tops.


Starchy whites – Many fall phots are back lit and you know that that means.  Remember that picture of Princess Diana?  Uh huh.  You can usually see right through them (undies, bra, etc.)  Off whites are fine in thicker materials.



Jewel tones – Deep reds, purples and aqua look beautiful this time of year!  Deep colors that are slightly dark make a great contrast to the fall background.


Neutrals – beige, off whte and greys are also nice if that’s more your style.Frisco Family Photographer

Frisco Family Photographer


Cute Holiday themes – Go crazy here!  Why not!!


I know it’s 80 degrees out there most days (yes even in December) but get fun with accessories for the older kids and yourself!  Hats, scarves, gloves and mits!
Things to think about

Due to rain the ground can sometimes be soft.  Please wear comfortable shoes that will allow you to easily chase a silly toddler!  You can change into your heels when it’s family picture time!

Please arrive early to your session to begin dressing the kids!  If you take 20 minutes to get them dressed when you sessions starts you have lost 20 minute of your session!  Sessions starting at 3pm will start with family pictures so dress in that first.  Sessions starting at 4PM will start with the holiday prop.

I will usually grab some fun random items to use at the session as well.  Like a pretty flower halo, head piece, or even a  dress if I think it’s your size!

Always try on your clothes BEFORE the day of the session!  People bring clothes they have never actually tried on before and they don’t always fit!

These are a few of the dresses I have available.  Please check sizing below the image.  I will be doing more in the next few days!


Size 4

Size 5 – red and white

Size 6-9

Size 6

Size 2 – excuse the odd picture, it’s a very beautiful fall dress with a matching coat!

Size 2 and 5 in cream and 2 in pink

Size 6

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