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Cute family with pregnant mother lays on couch
Cute family with pregnant mother lays on couch

Being comfortable during pregnancy is important for so many reasons!  Stress reduction, healthy circulation, sleep quality, mental health and physical well-being are just a few of the benefits of a comfortable pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, the growing uterus can put pressure on blood vessels, particularly those in the lower body. This pressure can lead to issues like edema (swelling) and increased risk of varicose veins. Comfortable clothing, shoes, and regular movement can help improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and alleviate discomfort.

If you’re looking for the most comfortable and stylish maternity clothing then I have a store for you! From jeans to workout clothes and even some gorgeous formal wear HATCH will keep you feeling comfy while looking your best.

From lounging around the house to a night out on the town there is something for everyone thanks to HATCH. Most outfits are offered in a variety of colors and range from size S – XL. Products include dresses, leggings, active wear, evening wear, swim and sleepwear.

Nursing essentials

HATCH also has you covered once baby arrives with ready to wear dresses and rompers for the nursing mama on the go. Breastfeeding mothers can be at ease with accessible bras, lounge and sleepwear offered as well.

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Beauty and wellness

HATCH offers a line of luxury beauty and wellness products. Kits include the Hatch to Hospital box that has essential items to make your hospital stay more comfortable. Their Momma Must-Haves Kit includes Belly Oil for skin hydration, Down, Girl to give those swollen legs and feet some relief, and Nipple + Lip for aching nipples and chapped lips. The First Trimester Starter Kit includes belly oil and a cooling head wrap to help soothe those pregnancy headaches. Trust me when I say this kit is worth its weight in gold!

Comfort is at the top of the list for all things pregnancy. Since you happen to be on the search for maternity supplies and I happen to be a Dallas maternity and newborn photographer I’d love to talk to you about your photography needs.

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