3 Exciting Things to do in Plano with Kids

Fun things to do indoors

Things to do in Plano with kids

In this blog post I’ll be sharing three exciting activities as things to do in Plano with kids this week! With temperatures soaring up to a sweltering 116 degrees, finding indoor activities to enjoy with your kids becomes an absolute necessity. Don’t let the scorching sun dampen your spirits—Plano has plenty of cool and entertaining options that will keep you and your little ones happily occupied. From thrilling indoor attractions to educational exhibits, we’ve got you covered with three fun-filled activities that offer a respite from the heat. Let’s dive into exciting things to do in Plano with kids.

Cheeky Monkey

Cheeky Monkey Kids offers an array of engaging activities that will keep children entertained for hours in their interactive soft play area, Monkey Clubhouse, blocks station, organized activities, and arts & crafts station. With a strong focus on safety and stimulation, Cheeky Monkey Kids provides a secure environment for children aged 8 and under to indulge in physical play and exploration. Each location boasts a colossal 3,000 square foot play structure designed for children aged 4 and above, alongside a dedicated play area for toddlers under the age of 4.

Additionally, there is a building blocks zone and a life-size playhouse, ensuring a diverse range of play experiences for children of all ages. All play areas are equipped with soft indoor park equipment, featuring extensive padding and carefully crafted to eliminate sharp


Dino Kidz presents a captivating indoor playground meticulously crafted to ignite the excitement of young visitors. With a strong emphasis on providing a safe, clean environment, children can revel in the joy of celebrating unforgettable birthday parties or enhancing their fine and gross motor skills through imaginative play and unique classes. Catering to children aged 10 months to 7 years, Dino Kidz offers a dynamic space where entertainment comes alive through an interactive projection system.

Combining lively, hygienic, and educational elements, this playground guarantees an abundance of fun for all. Additionally, Dino Kidz takes special care to ensure the safety of younger children with a dedicated toddler area.


At KidZania, every activity seamlessly blends fun and educational elements, making it a perfect combination for children. For instance, young learners have the opportunity to delve into human anatomy by performing simulated surgeries on mannequins at the Hospital. They can also acquire a degree in archaeology at the University or create personalized nutrition and workout plans at the Fitness Studio.

Each activity is thoughtfully designed by professional educators to align with local school curricula, offering children a chance to engage in immersive and advanced learning experiences outside the traditional classroom setting. At KidZania, fun and educational exploration go hand in hand, empowering children with knowledge and skills in an enjoyable and interactive environment.

Things to do in Plano with Kids

In conclusion, we have explored three fantastic indoor activities to keep your kids entertained and engaged this week. From the interactive soft play areas and organized activities at Cheeky Monkey Kids to the stimulating and educational experiences at Dino Kidz and KidZania, there are endless opportunities for fun and learning.

As a children’s photographer, I understand the importance of capturing these special moments and preserving memories. I invite you to view my work, where I strive to capture the joy and wonder in your child’s eyes. Let’s create lasting keepsakes together as you embark on these exciting indoor adventures with your little ones. Remember, even when the weather keeps us indoors, the opportunities for laughter, growth, and cherished memories are limitless.

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