Watch me Grow! New package add-on for Baby’s First Year!

2015 Dahlias and Daisies Baby’s First Year – Watch me Grow!

Watch me grow!

This package includes 1 mini session per month for the first 12 months of your baby’s life!  From each session you will receive 5 digital images from 4 different poses.
1 – Pretty baby shot
2 – shot with number to indicate the month (use yours or my own)
3 – close up
4 – prop shot
5 – random

At the end of the year you will receive 12 images mounted and printed 4×4  from which ever series you choose in a beautiful wooden box.  Includes 4 display stands.  (12 4×4 canvas can be substituted for $100)





Pretty Baby 
These shots are typically nude on a clean background of white or cream.

Month Number
You can bring your own numbers for this or use the ones I keep in studio.  Baby can wear clothes for these images to, I suggest matching the colors of the number to your clothes.  Stickers or wooden numbers.

Close Up
My absolute favorites!!  Sweet baby face, it kills me!!!

Prop Shot

You can pick the props or set up you would like to use from my prop library or bring your own if you have something that is special to you. We will discuss what you would like ahead of time.

A second shot from any of the above sets that turned out fabulously

Even More Details!

- I will be picking the 5 images
- These sessions are only available Mon-Fri
- Studio ONLY
- Child(ren)only
- Twins are $60 extra and will receive 10 shots from each session (5 of each child).
- Reshoots are granted for crying babies only (not non-smiling babies)
- These do not take the place of your regular Year Plan sessions, they are in addition to.
- Mini Sessions are 30-45 minutes long


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