Big Tex, Big Fun: A Family Guide to Rocking the Texas State Fair

At the Texas State Fair
At the Texas State Fair

Hold onto your cowboy hats because we’re about to embark on the wildest, tastiest, and most unforgettable adventure in the Lone Star State. That’s right, we’re diving headfirst into the heart-pounding, cotton candy-filled extravaganza that is the Texas State Fair, and we’re doing it with the pint-sized crowd in tow! 🎡 From towering corn dogs to gravity-defying rides, we’ve got the scoop on how to make the Texas State Fair an absolute blast for kids of all ages. So, buckle up (or maybe just grab a seat on the Ferris wheel) because this blog post is your one-way ticket to family fun, Texas-style! Yeehaw! 🤠🍭

New attractions

Get ready for some serious fun because this year, there’s a brand-new attraction in town – the Soap Bubble Circus! Every day, visitors can head to the Oak Farms Theater and catch the Soap Bubble Circus crew in action, breaking Guinness World Records with their mind-blowing bubble-ology skills. Prepare to witness a snowman showing off its tightrope dancing moves, an epic exploding volcano, and a whole lot more at this must-see show. It’s a spectacle you won’t want to miss!

There’s a fresh face on the Fringe Stage this year, and it’s none other than a dynamic husband-and-wife duo ready to rock the Fair with their killer acrobatic act. Get ready to be wowed because they’re bringing the heat with hand-to-hand acrobatics, some serious hula hoop action, gravity-defying handstands, jaw-dropping contortion, and a side of comedy that’ll have you in stitches. Missing this show? Not an option!

Hold onto your hats, folks, because Acrobuffos is about to make a splash on the Fringe Stage! They’re bringing the epic “Water Bombs” showdown to the scene, and it’s not your ordinary performance. Get ready to dive into an interactive water balloon fight of epic proportions. But here’s the deal – if you’re not up for getting soaked, make sure to pack that trusty umbrella. It’s gonna be a wet and wild ride you won’t want to miss!

Old Favorites

My fondest childhood memories of the Texas State Fair always involved animals! Animals always stole the show, and if you’re itching for some paws-itively awesome fun, you’re in for a treat! Brace yourselves because the All-Star Stunt Dog Show is back at Marine Corps Square for this year’s Fair. Get ready for the world’s first and original “stunt dog show” that’ll have folks of all ages on the edge of their seats, witnessing canine tricks that defy belief! What makes it even more amazing? Every single one of these talented dogs has been rescued from shelters and lovingly trained to showcase their unique skills. It’s a heartwarming and mind-blowing experience rolled into one, folks!

It wouldn’t be the State Fair without the Pig races! So get ready for some oink-tastic action, because those snout-to-snout showdowns are back, and they’re tearing down the stretch by popular demand! Marine Corps Square is the hot, new outdoor track for the talk-of-the-town event: Pig Races! Decked out in their fetching racing silks, these wiggly piglets are here to steal the show, racing the course four times a day. This ain’t your average race; it’s a fan favorite you absolutely can’t afford to miss!

Oh, and before you bounce, don’t even think about skipping the petting zoo! It’s your chance to get up close and personal with a whole bunch of farm pals, from the cool emus and zebras to the snuggly pigs and goats. But wait, there’s more! 🐾 While you’re strolling through, be sure to swing by the nursery where you’ll find sows, ewes, nanny goats, and their adorable young critters all on display.

This petting zoo isn’t just fun; it’s the ultimate family experience, letting fairgoers of all ages interact with their furry friends and even score the opportunity to feed them. It’s a whole lot of fuzzy, friendly, and fantastic fun in one spot!

Texas State Fair

And there you have it, fellow fair enthusiasts and adventure-seekers, the ultimate guide to conquering the Texas State Fair with your squad in tow! 🎉 But before we wrap up this rodeo of excitement, let’s add a little extra flair to your fair experience.

As your trusty guide and photographer extraordinaire, I’ve got a proposition that’ll capture the memories you’ve made at the Fair like never before. Why not schedule a family photo session right here on these vibrant, action-packed fairgrounds? 📸 Imagine the laughter, the joy, and the love all beautifully framed against the backdrop of the Texas State Fair. It’s a chance to freeze those magical moments in time, creating memories that’ll last a lifetime. So, let’s make it happen, and let the fair be your canvas for some unforgettable family moments. Y’all ready to strike a pose?

At the Texas State Fair Midway

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