Best locations in Dallas for amazing senior pictures!

Dallas senior girl poses on water floor
Dallas senior girl poses on water floor

Choosing the perfect location for senior pictures does not have to be hard! I’m Stephanie with
Seniors by Stephanie Nicole Photography and I’m here to guide you through the process! The right
location contributes to creating a memorable and visually captivating representation of one’s high
school journey. It also serves as a backdrop that reflects the individual’s personality, interests and
aspirations. I love looking back on mine and remembering my dance days, evoking nostalgia
and a sense of accomplishment. By carefully selecting the ideal location, seniors can ensure that
their pictures are not only visually striking but also serve as a testament to their unique identity
and the remarkable experiences they have had throughout their high school years.

Klyde Warren Park for senior pictures

Klyde Warren Park is a vibrant and innovative urban oasis located in the heart of downtown
Dallas, Texas. One of the park’s distinguishing features is its unique design, as it is built atop a
freeway. I personally love the arches and the park vibe mixed with the skyscrapers in the
background! This park is best shot in the evening before sunset!

Girl at Clyde Warren Parker senior pictures

Dallas Arts District

If you can’t tell this is my favorite location to photograph seniors at! The Dallas Arts District is
a vibrant and dynamic hub of artistic expression and cultural vitality. The Meyerson and
Winspear Opera House make for stunning backdrops in your senior pictures.
With modern architecture and traditional aesthetics, its sleek buildings and beautifully
landscaped public spaces, the Dallas Arts District is a must for the modern teen. I suggest
shooting here Monday – Thursday to avoid the crowds at the symphony and opera.

Senior girl dances in Arts District water floor

Highland Park Village

Dallas Highland Park Village is an iconic and prestigious shopping center that exudes timeless
elegance and sophistication. The trendy village boasts a charming and picturesque ambiance
with its Spanish-inspired architecture, quaint courtyards and tree-lined streets. Perfect for the
stylish senior! I suggest shooting here in the mornings before the crowds arrive.

Senior girl poses in font of ivy wall for senior pictures

West Village

Located in the Uptown area of Dallas, it is known for its energetic atmosphere and pedestrian-
friendly streets. The West Village showcases a modern and cosmopolitan vibe, with murals
painted along the parking garage that people come from all over to photograph! I shoot here in
the mornings to avoid the shopping and dinner crowds.

Dallas senior girl at senior photography session

Deep Ellum

Dallas Deep Ellum is a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood that pulsates with artistic energy and
cultural diversity. Located just east of downtown Dallas, it is renowned for its thriving music and
arts scene. But what makes it perfect for senior pictures is its urban grit! Colorful graffiti-
adorned walls and lively street art make it a perfect backdrop for senior pictures. Another great
morning location to avoid crowds.

Senior girl poses in front of mural

Perry Museum

The A.W. Perry Homestead Museum is a historic gem that offers a glimpse into the rich heritage
of Carrollton, Texas. The Perry Homestead itself is a beautifully preserved Victorian-style house
but vintage farm houses that surround the museum are what makes the location a perfect spot for
romantic senior portraits. Perry is great in the evening just before sunset!

Dallas senior girl at senior photography session

Downtown McKinney

Downtown McKinney is a charming and historic district nestled in the heart of McKinney,
Texas. It embodies a perfect blend of small-town charm, architectural beauty and a vibrant
community atmosphere. There are hidden gems around each corner with colorful wall murals
painted on the sides of most buildings!

Senior girl in Downtown McKinney

Dallas Arboretum

The Dallas Arboretum is a breathtaking botanical oasis nestled on the shores of White Rock
Lake in Dallas, Texas. Spanning more than 66 acres, it is a magnificent display of
meticulously manicured gardens, lush landscapes and stunning horticultural diversity. You
can’t go wrong at the Arboretum. I shoot the Dallas Arboretum right when they open at 9

Dallas Arboretum senior pictures

Flippen Park for senior pictures

Flippen Park is nestled in the middle of a neighborhood in Highland Park. It is popular with
moms for its beautifully manicured lawns and flowers beds. It’s popular with the teens because
of its gorgeous spraying fountain. At the end of each session we get in there and celebrate!

Senior girl in vibrant photo

McKinney Cotton Mill for senior pictures

The Cotton Mill, characterized by its sturdy brick construction, large windows and
distinct industrial vibe, has been a popular post for seniors for many years. Today, the
building serves as a versatile event venue, hosting a wide range of special occasions such
as weddings, corporate events and community gatherings. Not to mention my studio! Its
interior features high ceilings, exposed brick walls and original wooden beams, creating a
unique and rustic ambiance. The industrial aesthetic combined with the warm character
of the building offers a captivating backdrop for senior pictures.

Boy in warehouse for senior pictures

Davis Park for senior pictures

Davis Park is a delightful urban green space located in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Nestled
within the vibrant neighborhood of Highland Park, the park offers a serene and inviting backdrop for senior and family photography. This charming park features stone bridges, stunning stair cases and a beautiful creek area.

Girl sits on stairs in Davis Parker senior pictures

While the ones listed above are definitely the most popular, your senior might be down
for something a little different. If that’s the case, I got you covered! From romantic
greenhouses to a field filled with thousands of chairs -some stacked 10 feet high- I know
all the right locations for you!

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